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What began as a fascination with unique architecture at a young age quickly developed into a desire to understand the entire industry, Umar has grown into a complete understanding of the industry, creating unmistakable value, companied with Real Estate partners globally.

Umar is sole director of Umar Muta Personal Real Estate Corporation: a real estate service focused on locating unique investment opportunities as well as the marketing properties in today’s competitive market. He is one of the most sought after real estate advisors, trusted globally, with numerous successful investments and a track record that invites investors to inevitably grow their real estate portfolio.

His company managed and completed sales over $220 Million to date cross the country.

The mission, locate well calculated investment opportunities in the city.

Toronto Lofts

A fresh approach. Unlike the large, traditional, generalized Real Estate companies whose business models are based on charging their independently contracted Agents desk fees, Toronto LOFTS is a small, innovative, knowledge-driven niche market Real Estate company simply focused on one thing: the successful purchase, sale or rental of your loft.


Toronto Lofts Realty Corp
67 Mowat Ave, Suite 304
Toronto, ON M6K 3E3
Tel: 416.538.5638

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